Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Snow Day Layouts

It's been quite awhile since I spent a day scrapbooking. My life, luckily, is filled with creativity - Bible journaling, fun projects with my daughter (like her recent kitty birthday party I blogged about HERE), and school projects, cards to send out, and other creative projects. 
But I've missed scrapbooking and have fallen almost 2 years behind (I had been keeping it to within a year for a long time). So, I decided to scrapbook Saturday. It was a messy day outside and therefore was perfectly suited to an indoor day at my craft table. 
Here are several layouts I completed from a series of snowfalls we had in February of 2015.

This last was my favorite. I love the pop of color in the title and the paint on that black chevron paper. Do you have a favorite? 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cute Kitty Birthday Party

My daughter and I planned a super cute kitty-themed birthday party together. It was so much fun to plan and the afternoon was all we hoped it would be. Today I'm sharing lots of photos of the fun things that we created for our party.

She and a few friends had a wonderful time picking out a kitten to adopt.
(We purchased these soft and adorable kittens from HERE.)
Each girl picked up supplies, including a kitty carrier, yarn toy, bag of kitty food (cocoa puffs) and adoption certificate. 
They also were greeted with kitty ear headbands and a little face painting (nose and whiskers).
These girls were 6-9 in ages and crafts were the perfect party activity. They decorated their kitty carrier boxes with stickers, washi, and sparkly gems.
Then it was kitty's turn to get blinged out. We had collars (ribbon with a bit of velcro) and gems and charms to add. It was my daughter's idea to have more accessories, so we gathered some fun pipe cleaners and small ribbon flowers. The girls made their kitties headbands, earrings, and bracelets.
We converted an old bean bag toss game to a kitty theme.
My daughter wanted a sign pointing everyone to the location of the litterbox (aka restroom).
We used yarn and kitty diecuts (made with my Cricut) to create more decorations for our table, a fun banner with yarm pom poms, and added paper cupcake toppers to colorful purchased cupcakes.
We also used whatever coordinating fabrics and felt pieces we already had on hand to cover tables. Hannah's stuffed kitties were the perfect anchors for the kitty balloons, too.
Our little 8 year old was a super happy birthday girl!

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Bible

This morning I reflected on Sunday's sermon and did some journaling in my Bible. The passage, the Aaronic Blessing in Numbers Chapter 6, had previously been journaled, but I used my watercolor pencils to bring some more colors to the page as I reflected on the words of the Lord's blessing.
The Lord blesses and keeps me, shines His face on me. He does this weekly in a special way as I sit in the pew for Sunday services, alongside my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and hear and receive His very real presence in Word and Sacrament. 
As we were leaving I was struck by the beauty of the window's reflection and the rays of sunlight highlighted by the smoke of the candles. As I was taking a few photos, my daughter ran in and stood in the midst of it all. The Lord's blessing upon her. His very real presence and peace.
He strengthens my faith as I spend time in the Word throughout the week. As I look through this Bible I see and remember how God has walked alongside me these last two years. 

Look how it has expanded past its covers, bursting its bindings with my added notes and journaling.
Yes, this is just paper and paint, but the Word! Oh the Word! Living and active! Accomplishing all the Father has willed for it to do!

I'm sort of sad that I really need to set this one aside and begin in another Bible. But also excited and confident that I do not walk alone. 

I pulled photos of my top 100 journaling entries from 2016 and created a simple slideshow. It includes entries from my journaling Bible as well as the notebooks/journals I used for special seasons and/or studies. Showing 100 photos takes 8 minutes, so play your own soundtrack and grab a cup of something to sip on! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Top Ten Blog Hop

Welcome to the Top Ten Blog Hop! 

You should have landed here from Suzanne Lee's lovely blog. If you just happened to be visiting me today, you can check out all the wonderful Top 10 lists starting at the beginning of the hop with Mendi Yoshikawa.

This past year I have not posted as much on my blog as in previous years. I've also focused a lot more on Bible Journaling, posting several times a week on Instagram and my Facebook page. Please be sure to follow me there for more frequent postings!

Here are some of my favorite blog posts from 2016. Enjoy!
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Thanks so much for hopping along today! 
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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bible Journaling Tags

Tags are a great addition to your Bible Journaling and one more way to incorporate your creative side into your devotion and prayer time. You can use tags as "tip-ins" directly in your Bible, add them to your Faith Planner, use them as a card base, or as a bookmark, and so much more. Today I'm sharing a layered and stamped tag design in 3 color versions.
Each tag is made with the same base and stamped sentiment. I cut the 2-layered tag using my die cut machine. The star cut-out on the top layer really said "Christmas Star" to me. Each top layer was cut in white cardstock. I used waterproof ink (I used StazOn) to stamp the sentiment. To make stamping easy, I arrange the individual words directly on my large acrylic block so I can stamp it all at once. Each of these individually cut clear stamps is found on the "God is Love" faith stamp set. 
After stamping, I used multiple ColorIn watercolor pencils to get the two blended color backgrounds (yellow-orange-red and lt blue-dk blue-purple). I cut the back layer in a coordinating cardstock. For the white tag, I only added a bit of inking around the edge of the tag and then glitter around the star. As a finishing touch on each I used a coordinating LePen marker in fine tip and added a dotted line to follow the flourished top and bottom edges.

For my Bible Journaling Tags project I used:

Friday, December 16, 2016

Galaxy Card with Watercolor Pencils

I continue to be impressed by the wonderful versatility and strong colors of these ColorIn Watercolor Twists. Today, I used them to create a galaxy/night sky effect for a card. 
To begin, I cut a page from an old hymnal that included the lyrics to Silent Night. If you don't have a hymnal (I picked up several at a big book sale) you could print off the lyrics from online. This particular sheet was thicker than Bible paper, so it held water fairly well as I worked the colors together.

To create the effect, I used the black, purple, and blue Watercolor Twists. I began with the black around the edges and added the purple and blue gradually, being generous with the water to blend and layer them with the paintbrush. One of the tricks to creating a galaxy is to create a lot of movement of color across your page, as opposed to well defined, even splotches of color. Don't be nervous about going dark - watercolors are very forgiving and color can be picked up with the watercolor brush if needed. When the colors were nearly dry, I added a bit of watered down white acrylic and lots of white spray/splatter drops for that starry (or maybe snowy) look.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Advent Journal

I'm a big fan of upcycling or trying to use what I have before buying new. Such was the case with my Advent journal for this year. I had a little used journal, so I removed the used pages and freshened up the cover to create this notebook to record my daily devotions for December.
The cover was in pretty good shape, but after removing a couple of stickers, was in need of a refresh. I simply brushed on acrylic paint in a similar color to the original and it looks great. 
For the title, I grabbed some awesome and shiny SRM vinyl that I've been wanting to use. It cut beautifully in my die cut machine and adhered really well to my cover.
To finish it off, I added some great stickers from my Christmas stash. Now my journal is ready for the season!

For this project I used the following supplies: