Thursday, December 8, 2016

Advent Journal

I'm a big fan of upcycling or trying to use what I have before buying new. Such was the case with my Advent journal for this year. I had a little used journal, so I removed the used pages and freshened up the cover to create this notebook to record my daily devotions for December.
The cover was in pretty good shape, but after removing a couple of stickers, was in need of a refresh. I simply brushed on acrylic paint in a similar color to the original and it looks great. 
For the title, I grabbed some awesome and shiny SRM vinyl that I've been wanting to use. It cut beautifully in my die cut machine and adhered really well to my cover.
To finish it off, I added some great stickers from my Christmas stash. Now my journal is ready for the season!

For this project I used the following supplies:

Friday, December 2, 2016

Faith Planner

A few months ago I jumped on the planner wagon. I purchased a large planner (mine is spiral bound and about 7x9 inches). At first I had a hard time getting started and keeping up. So I decided to rethink how I could to make the best use of my planner. I wanted something to record my prayers, but didn't want it to be separate from my daily devotions.  So, I turned my planner into a "faith planner" and couldn't be happier.
Each week I creatively record my prayers and scripture that is standing out to me from my devotion time, study, and sermon notes. I use lots of stamps, washi tape, printables, stickers, and bits from my scrapbooking stash. It doesn't take much time each day, so it's easy to keep up with. The bonus I've discovered is that having all that in one place has really helped focus my prayers and see God moving in response to my prayers.
In this video I share several of my pages and show you a spread midway through the week as well as walk through my steps for setting up pages for the coming week. You'll see lots of SRM stamps and stickers. 

Hopefully you'll be inspired to think out of the box with your planner.

Here is my finished page for the featured week:

These are just some of the great SRM products I love to use in my Faith Planner:

Monday, November 21, 2016

Bible Journaling in Proverbs

This passage in Proverbs recently stood out to me as I was thanking God for leaders and friends. "Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17 As I reflected on this verse, I journaled in my bible using a combination of black pen, stamps, and watercolor pencils.
My first step was to write the key phrase in the margin. I gave it a free handed speech bubble shape and "pinned" on a small tack from the "Planner Notes to Self" Planner Stamps from SRM. I added a few more stamps from my favorite SRM-Faith stamp set, "Trust in the Lord." 
Then I grabbed my ColorIn watercolor pencils and shaded in the speed bubble and added a swatch of bright yellow on top of the crosses beneath it. It's so easy to get the smooth blending of colors with these pencils. I added a bit of white to help the tack stand out and finish it off. 
Thanking God for leaders, friends, and family who have sharpened me.

For this page I used:
"Planner Notes to Self" Planner Stamps"Trust in the Lord" Faith Stamps | ColorIn Watercolor Pencils and Waterbrush

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bible Journaling with Stamped Background

Many passages in scripture use light as a symbol or to refer to Jesus. In this passage in John 11, Jesus reminds His disciples, who are fearful of returning to Judea, to walk in the light and they will not stumble. I used the  "The Lord is my Light" stamp set to remind me to walk in the light and stay focused on Jesus when faced with fear or anxiety. 
To create the patterned background, I simply used a sun stamp from the set and stamped it repeatedly in oranges and yellows, heavier on the margin and lighter as it covered the text and the remainder of the page. Turning the sun in multiple directions with each stamping will keep the background from becoming too linear.  I cut a smaller piece of white cardstock for the margin and stamped it with the same sun, but in a lighter yellow. On top of that I stamped the sentiment and a border from the set. The lighter block sets the sentiment up for a powerful contrast.
How and where will you use this stamp set?

For this journaling page I used:

Monday, October 24, 2016

Kids Table Turkey

Kids won't mind getting assigned to the "kids table" when they are greeted with these fun little turkeys! Start with a clear triangle box. Assemble and fill it with shredded paper (or maybe little treats for your little guests). Use a sharp craft knife to cut 3 "x" marks on each side. This is how you'll insert your crayons (the turkey "feathers") as shown below. They should fit nice and snug.
Decorate the front with a fun little turkey (mine is cut with my Cricut) and clear border stickers. Don't forget to provide some paper or coloring sheets for the kids, too! For mine, I used a few stamps from the SRM-Faith collections to spell out "Give thanks to God" and will ask the kids to write or draw what they are thankful for. I can collect these and easily add them to my Thanksgiving scrapbook page along with photos of the kids. It will be a sweet way to remember the blessings of the day.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you are inspired to create something wonderful today!

For this project I used:

Monday, October 17, 2016

Kid Project - Boo Banner

Do you like to craft with your kids? I love to craft with my daughter, but I have to admit - sometimes it's really hard to let her do her own thing without me "directing" her. This month SRM asked me to create a project with kids and let them have fun! And guess what? We both did!
 For this "Boo Banner" project I used 5 embossed glassine bags as the banner bases. I added some acrylic paints in yellow and orange for color and texture and let it dry. I let my daughter pick out a font for the letters and cut them out with my die cut machine. Then I gathered all my Halloween themed stickers from my SRM stash. 
I told my daughter to use the borders to decorate the bags and then we would add the letters on top. My idea was to keep everything in nice straight lines, but she had her own ideas. So, with a deep breath, I stepped back and let her create.
As you can see, she piled on stickers and borders in all directions and you know what? It's awesome! Each piece is fun, colorful and original - just like her. We attached the pieces to ribbon with mini clothespins. Each mini clothespin also has a spider sticker on a punched white circle attached.
Letting your kids into your crafting stash can be scary at times, but it's also a wonderful way to celebrate and teach confidence in their own style and creativity. Plus, you'll both cherish the time you get to spend together and have a great project to show off both of your talents!

For this project I used:

Monday, October 3, 2016

Bible Journaling - Watercolor Twists Background

My page today is in my summer study journal. In Nehemiah chapter 9, God's people gathered to hear God's Word read to them and they confessed their sins and renewed their commitment to keep convenant with God. Despite the number of times they turned their backs on God (Nehemiah describes those times in sad detail) God continued to keep His promise and time and again granted them mercy and grace. As I was reading it struck me how they were saved purely by grace - not their own obedience. On this page I wanted to journal a prayer of thanks to God for his amazing grace and his wild love for me! No matter my own failings in obedience, He continually calls me back, forgives me, and helps me through His Holy Spirit to be a better me.

I created this fun and colorful background using the ColorIn Watercolor Twists. Have I mentioned how much I love these twistable watercolor pencils? So many ways to use them and such great color. The background is super quick and easy. I created a video for you to show you exactly how to create your own for your next bible journaling page or cards. Gather up: Watercolor Twists, a small plastic sheet (the backing to your SRM Faith stamps is great!), water, and a brush.

After my background was dry, I added a few rows of washi tape on the left side and a couple of printouts that came with my bible study. Then I turned to my SRM stamps. I used several stamp sets on this page (listed below). Yes, I did cut the BIG "thank you" so that it would fit on my page. So many great choices to create just the right sentiment on your bible journaling page - it's fun to mix and match from the different sets.

For this project I used: